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Felon Crush Friday: Inspired by Jeremy Meeks

Four men were arrested during an Operation Ceasefire sweep on Wednesday. Among those four was Jeremy Meeks, 30, the person in the mugshot that has been labeled as countless girls’ crushes on today’s first-ever #FelonCrushFriday (and let’s hope it’s the last). Since Meeks’ mugshot was released on social media by Stockton Police, it has received … Continue reading

Natural Diaries: The “Wash-n-Set” with Design Essentials

So about a month and a half ago, I took out my sew-in and decided to work on my afro. I FAILED. Terribly. But as the semester moved on, I realized that I’m gonna be very busy so I needed to do something to my hair that will stick and stay for a while. Otherwise, … Continue reading

I Don’t Celebrate Black History Month, Pt. II

So today, for some reason, I decided to stay an extra hour at work. I had no real reason for staying other than a “feeling” that I should have. Plus, I was tired, and I didn’t feel like leaving my desk, but anywho… Just as I was getting ready to leave, in walks a white, … Continue reading

Spelmanite Gives B.o.B A Dance On Stage During Homecoming Concert!

Apparently, SpelHouse‘s Homecoming was more turnt than we expected! If tweets and Instagram photos weren’t enough, hip hop artist B.o.B HIMSELF uploaded a video that showed a few seconds of his performance during the Homecoming (hip hop) concert. The concert was held on Monday, October 21st. But people are STILL talking about it. Take a … Continue reading

I Hate Boys. Period.

Being single gets lonely… But I refuse to settle! Maybe it’s me, but I just haven’t been impressed with anyone lately. There were some who came close to getting commitment from me, but once I really got to know them, I ultimately decided to pass. (The joys of taking it slow.) I tried dating a … Continue reading

MySpace, Have A Seat! Three Reasons Why It Still Sucks

Like many, I abandoned myspace.com a loooooooong time ago because it was, well, LAME. I’ll give it its props for what it was back in the day, though. I used to love changing my background every other week, updating my playlist and theme music and I used to get a kick out of the Top … Continue reading

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