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Felon Crush Friday: Inspired by Jeremy Meeks

Four men were arrested during an Operation Ceasefire sweep on Wednesday. Among those four was Jeremy Meeks, 30, the person in the mugshot that has been labeled as countless girls’ crushes on today’s first-ever #FelonCrushFriday (and let’s hope it’s the last). Since Meeks’ mugshot was released on social media by Stockton Police, it has received … Continue reading

Law Abiding Citizen, Part VII: To Serve and Protect

So earlier today, I was waiting for my bus home when some random ass, dirty ass, disgusting ass, ogre-faced BEAST dug his hand in my bag! Yes, some f***** weirdo tried to steal from my purse–like I wasn’t gonna notice! The dumb part is, I was actually wearing the bag; the straps were on my … Continue reading

Reflections: Valentine’s Day 2014

Time flies. On this day, seven years ago, Mama told my father that she wanted a divorce. While my siblings were devastated, I was having a silent party in my head. I’ll save the details for Memories Back Then, but the point is, if you think you’re having a bad Valentine’s Day, it definitely could … Continue reading

“It’s Not Always About Shakin’ Yo Ass!” — Juicy J Awards $50,000 Scholarship to Single Mother in Florida

Nothing warms my heart more than seeing people “paying it forward.” When you are blessed with something, there is nothing wrong with giving back, especially when you received help as you progressed to where you want to be in life. That is why I salute rapper Juicy J for giving away a $50,000 scholarship to … Continue reading

Law Abiding Citizen, Part IV: “Bout Time!”

I think this mugshot says it all. But anywho, in case you haven’t heard (by now, you should have), Zimmerman was arrested for pulling a gun out on his girlfriend. As reported by Rene Stutzman of the the Orlando Sentinel, Zimmerman “cocked and pointed a shotgun at his girlfriend, shattered a glass-top table, then pushed … Continue reading

Miss Interpreted: Why I Don’t Wish for World Peace

As you all know, I am the reigning Miss Central Georgia Black International. I am what you would call an unconventional queen. I mean, just read my blog. Would a “typical” beauty queen write about this stuff? Anywho, my platform is “Live Life; Have No Fear.” My campaign is all about encouraging people, mainly girls … Continue reading

Natural Diaries: My Relaxer & Me

Growing up, I was tender-headed. I hated how kinky my hair was, and the worse part was Mama having to comb it every single day. ¬†I mean, I would wear braids from time to time, but even that was a struggle; pulling my hair, fingers getting tangled in my tresses–sheesh!¬†Detangler didn’t work. Blow drying my … Continue reading

Law Abiding Citizen, Part II: B(ITCH) 37

So last night, I was watching Rachel Jeantel’s first interview (since the trial) with Piers Morgan, and during her interview, clips from Juror B37’s interview with Anderson Cooper were shown. Later on in the evening, CNN replayed Juror B37’s entire interview and I have never felt more disgusted in my life. Not only did she … Continue reading


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