Felon Crush Friday: Inspired by Jeremy Meeks

Jeremy Meeks was arrested with four others during an Operation Ceasefire on Wednesday.

Four men were arrested during an Operation Ceasefire sweep on Wednesday. Among those four was Jeremy Meeks, 30, the person in the mugshot that has been labeled as countless girls’ crushes on today’s first-ever #FelonCrushFriday (and let’s hope it’s the last).

Since Meeks’ mugshot was released on social media by Stockton Police, it has received more than 68, 000 “likes,” more than 19,000 comments and more than 8,000 shares on Facebook (at the time of press). It has been posted thousands of times on Instagram and Twitter by Meeks’ new-found fan base who claims that Meeks is “too hot to go to jail.”

Meeks is already a convicted felon. He spent nine years in prison for grand theft, felony forgery and using a false ID. Now, he is facing felony weapons charges.

Others listed under the #FelonyCrushFriday hastag include Chris Brown, Justin Beiber and cast members from Orange Is The New Black.

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