Why I Hate MARTA, Pt. IV: “Sketch” Ain’t Even The Word…

So earlier today, I was waiting for my bus home when some random ass, dirty ass, disgusting ass, ogre-faced BEAST dug his hand in my bag!

Yes, some f***** weirdo tried to steal from my purse–like I wasn’t gonna notice! The dumb part is, I was actually wearing the bag; the straps were on my shoulders. I guess the retard didn’t think “Oh, maybe it’s not a good idea to do that.”

Immediately, I turned around and said, “WTF are you doing?! You’re going through my bag?!” He walked off, and I called him a “dumbass”–which he is! Next thing I know, some thuggish boy was waving his hand, tryna get my attention. I looked at him and he pointed to the guy that tried to steal from me. The police were arresting him. And that’s what his ass gets!

Honestly, he picked the WRONG person on the WRONG day. It was already hot outside, and my vocal cords are scratchy from over-singing (that’s another story), so I was very uncomfortable and I wanted to get home. Almost getting pick-pocketed, or pick-pursed–whatever–was the cherry on top.

Never have I ever been afraid to check someone when they’re in the wrong, and if he actually took something of mine, he would’ve got socked in the face repeatedly until he gave it back. I don’t play that.

I always knew MARTA was sketchy, but these bums are getting more and more bold. How do you try to steal from a purse that is on someone’s person? Someone should’ve filmed that for “World’s Dumbest Criminals,” or whatever the show is called.


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