Law Abiding Citizen, Part VII: To Serve and Protect

So earlier today, I was waiting for my bus home when some random ass, dirty ass, disgusting ass, ogre-faced BEAST dug his hand in my bag!

Yes, some f***** weirdo tried to steal from my purse–like I wasn’t gonna notice! The dumb part is, I was actually wearing the bag; the straps were on my shoulders. I guess the retard didn’t think “Oh, maybe it’s not a good idea to do that.”

Immediately, I turned around and said, “WTF are you doing?! You’re going through my bag?!” He walked off, and I called him a “dumbass”–which he is! Next thing I know, some thuggish boy was waving his hand, tryna get my attention. I looked at him and he pointed to the guy that tried to steal from me. The police were arresting him. And that’s what his ass gets! But that’s not the point of this post.

I really need to commend the police officers. Initially, I just thought they arrested him because they heard me yelling at the bastard, but it’s actually deeper than that.

When I was talking to the police officer and he was getting my info for the police report, I told him that I didn’t even know somebody was behind me, at least not that close. You know what he told me?

“Actually, there was a whole group of guys standing behind you. We were watching them for a minute.”

All I could do was let out a long “woooooooooowwww…”

Basically, the officers were looking out for me… That doesn’t happen often, to anyone. Like, they were literally watching my back when I was too oblivious to watch it myself. Thank God they were there. I mean that.

So what’s the lesson in all of this?

Not all cops are lazy. Not all cops are evil. Not all cops are quota-hungry. Some cops are actually here to serve and protect.

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