Battle of the Markets: Stanley vs. Ladies vs. Jade

At the Jade Market.
At the Jade Market.

Besides the Fish Market, there were three other markets that my class visited during our trip to Hong Kong. The three other markets were shopping markets and each one of them were significantly different from the next. Yes, shopping is shopping, but the experience is what makes it memorable. I’m telling you, visiting any of the following markets I feature here can definitely be described as a trip that’s “one for the books.”

The Stanley Market

This market is the first one we visited. We’ve only been there once, and we tried to make an attempt to go again, but it was too far. It is relatively small compared to the other markets we went to.

The market seemed average. Like, there are clothes, bags and jewelry for sale… The typical stuff. The vendors seemed relaxed, until you came into their shop. Some kept a watchful eye on you to the point of staring you down, and a few of the store owners followed me and my classmates as we looked around. That was very uncomfortable… Yet interesting at the same time.

The people there were more calm, and it seemed like more of a family place. Couples were there. Some were by themselves, some had children and others had dogs. There was an ocean view just past the market where people were taking pictures and sitting on the rocks, and someone was performing in the area behind the market.

Overall, this market was more like a “resting place” for tourists. It wasn’t really busy, but it wasn’t necessarily slow, either.

The Ladies Market

The Ladies Market is right in the middle Kowloon, about fifteen minutes walking distance from our hotel. Not a day went by that we did not visit this market, and we still got lost among the different vendors.

There were clothes vendors, people selling electronics, people selling bags and accessories, key chains–I mean, the only thing I didn’t see for sale was food, unless I missed that vendor. The products seemed legit in quality for the most part. However, the name brand stuff was either bootleg or a knock off–and they were trying to pass it off as the real thing. I mean, you couldn’t really tell that the Micheal Kors stuff was fake unless you squinted your left eye and turned your head a certain way, but the “Coach” bags had G’s on them. Like, who are they fooling? I don’t wear name brand stuff, but I think I know a Coach bag when I see one.

The vendors are very pushy. Their starting prices are reasonable, but they are willing to bargain you down, just as long as you buy something from their store. Even if you try to walk away, they’ll grab you and keep trying to bargain with you. You can end up coming out with a good deal, but if the price you suggest is too low, they’ll let you know that before trying to compromise. You can’t just go to their vending area to window shop. If you do, be prepared to run.

The Jade Market

This is the only market that delivered what they promised, in my opinion. While they sell more than jade products, I can say all of the vendors are honest about their products and weren’t just trying to tell us any-old-thing to get us to spend our money. There are two different one-floor rooms that you can visit, but we spent our time only in one of them. The area has a good amount of space and there is actually room to breathe. The products ranged from jewelry to small statues, to keepsake pendants, home decor and small trinkets.

I thought the Ladies Market vendors were pushy, but man! The vendors at the Jade Market are out of this world. They won’t grab you, but they will not take “no” for an answer. (Click for video.) Their products are reasonably expensive, but they will bargain down to a point of practically giving you their products for free. I mean, this is jade we’re talking about, not some glass rock that was painted green. I thought that was pretty interesting. It’s like, they’re more concerned with getting a sale instead of earning the value of their product.

Unlike the vendors at the other two markets, they accept credit and debit cards.


Of all the markets, I think the Ladies Market was my favorite. Not only could you get good deals on quality products, but it is very convenient. The market has a wide variety of products that you can shop for, and if you get hungry, the market is located in the middle of a busy area surrounded by restaurants. There are even other stores and in the area, and the MTR subway station isn’t far. Something about it reminded me of how Underground Atlanta used to be when I was a child. Despite getting hit with a calculator by a vendor, I would definitely shop there if I lived in Hong Kong.

Based on what I’ve described, which market would you like to visit?

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