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Why I Hate MARTA, Pt. III: Why Can’t We Be Like Them?

Okay. So I was in Hong Kong a little over a week studying abroad. While I was there, I had a chance to use their public transportation system. Now, if you don’t know my feelings toward public transportation, you need to go back and read part one. I was expecting the worst, but instead, I … Continue reading

“Great Service, or Nah?” — Metropark Hotel, Kowloon Review

During our study abroad trip, my classmates and I got to lodge in the Metropark Hotel, Kowloon. This was my first time out of the country which meant that it would be my first time in a foreign hotel. As it turned out, it wasn’t that different from the hotels in the United States, but … Continue reading

Five ‘Must-Sees’ in Hong Kong

There were many places in Hong Kong that I’ll never forget, but among those places, only five really stuck out to me. If you, or anyone you know, gets a chance to visit Hong Kong, you should definitely check out these sites: 1.) Victoria’s Peak This was one of our first stops during our study … Continue reading

Battle of the Markets: Stanley vs. Ladies vs. Jade

Besides the Fish Market, there were three other markets that my class visited during our trip to Hong Kong. The three other markets were shopping markets and each one of them were significantly different from the next. Yes, shopping is shopping, but the experience is what makes it memorable. I’m telling you, visiting any of … Continue reading

Lost in Hong Kong: Raena and Keisha’s Story

After a CNBC site visit, Keisha and I joined our classmates for a shopping trip. We learned “the value of a dollar,” but more importantly, we realized the importance of the buddy system. Watch our vlog as we recount the events that led up to us getting lost in Hong Kong.


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