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When Your Crush Likes You Back

images (2)When your crush likes you back, it has to be one of the best feelings. But how do you know if your crush really does like you? What if he’s just being nice? How can you tell if he has ulterior motives?

Well, after being my friends’ relationship counselor while having a few experiences in my own love life, I evaluated all of our situations and compiled two lists: one that shows your crush is fake and one that shows that he’s for real. Now, this list isn’t meant to be a guide, per se. Not everyone’s situation is the same and different factors could influence your individual experience. But at any rate, these signs should help you understand whether or not your crush likes you back.

They like you back when…

1.) They ask for your social media pages. They follow your social media pages. If you follow them first, they follow you back. I’m so serious with this one. Just trust me.

2.)  They’ll call you, but if you don’t answer, they’ll follow up with you the next day through text. If they are shy, they’ll never call. But they will text you frequently to see how you’re doing. They will use the smiley face emoji all the time, OR if y’all are flirting, they may throw in other innocent little emoji faces, like the half-smile one or the winking one. If y’all are really deep into the “talking” stage, they may send the face with hearts for eyes, and they may blow a kiss every now and again.

3.) They compliment you on your work ethic, behavior or demeanor. They might compliment you on your looks, too. If/When they do, it’ll be far from disrespectful and you won’t feel uneasy.

4.) They communicate with you during daylight hours. Even if they are at work or in class and they know they shouldn’t be texting OR if they are working on a project and it’s taking up a lot of their time, they will STILL hit you up. The response time will be slow, but as soon as they get off, get home and get situated, the conversation will pick up.

5.) They share themselves with you, meaning they will offer up information about themselves even when you didn’t ask. They want you to know them, and they’re hoping it’ll prompt you to open up so that they can get to know you.

6.) They make plans IN ADVANCE to see you. They are considerate of your time and they know you have a life, so out of respect, they plan ahead.

7.) If you break a date, you’ll hear from them again. And again. And again.

8.) They are open to your ideas when it comes to hanging out.

9.) They eventually become your mirror. They start copying your movements, your language, your facial expressions–no matter how weird you act, your crush will be your shadow.

10.) As for PDA, your crush won’t do anything that they think will make you feel uncomfortable. They might even refrain from touching you at all. And if they brush up against you accidentally, they may apologize. On the other hand, the closer you two become, the more comfortable they will feel around you, so they will make physical contact slowly, but surely.

*Bonus: Don’t be alarmed if you’ve had a crush on them for years and “suddenly” they start liking you back. Chances are, they’ve always had a thing for you. They were either too shy, too nervous or they were afraid of you rejecting them. Or all of the above.

m_5087621_JNiQZ2EalQ5oOkay. Ya’ll got all that, right? Because now we need to move on to ways to detect if your crush is just playing you. Yes, there are some sick people out there that will use your feelings against you if they know you like them. They will manipulate and use you, and not lose a wink of sleep. Here are a few signs:

1.) Conversations are routine. It’s the same thing every time. Hey. How are you? How was your day? Oh, okay. They may ask about what you did that day. They may talk about their day. But when all is said and done, you’ll look back and realize that the convo was pointless.

2.) They mess with you when they want to mess with you. They’ll ignore you and put a hold on your courtship until they feel like dealing with you.

3.) They always reintroduce themselves. Especially if they go on month-long hiatuses. When I say reintroduce, if they text you, they will tell you who they are. And they’ll speak to you as if you are a complete stranger.

4.) You’ll hear from them when the sun sets. If they are true players, chances are that they read articles like these, so they’ll text or call during daylight hours to give you the impression that they respect you. But the convo will be pointless. (See #1.)

5.) The emojis they send are always the kissy-face ones or the devils, or the one with the tongue out of its mouth, or just the tongue period, or that egg plant emoji followed by those water droplets.

6.) They ask about your sex life more than your normal life.

7.) They compliment your looks, ask for pics, send you pics of their private areas when you didn’t ask for them and they may compare you to their celeb crush… They could care less about any of your accomplishments.

8.) They know no boundaries. They will touch you where and when they feel like it.

9.) Their plans with you are hasty. Like, they’ll make plans to hang with you two hours beforehand. They don’t think about your time; they are on their time. So if you’re not free when they want you to be, they’ll hang with someone else.

10.) You ain’t gettin’ a follow-back. And if you do, it’s because you asked for it.

*Bonus: They will only treat you “right” when they need something from you. Once the favor is done, they are ghost.

Crushes can be fun, exciting and one helluva roller coaster ride. There are times where our crushes crush us completely, but then there are times when our crushes turn into love. Either way, enjoy it. Crushes–real crushes–are far and few in between. They can make you feel happy for no reason, and happiness is always good. But by the same token…

Be wise, children.

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3 thoughts on “When Your Crush Likes You Back

  1. heyyy… Ima girl who feels like she has the biggest crush evr with quite an ugly guy…. Peopple say they go for the personlity, not the looks, but for me that just isnt the case coz like, he’s quite ugly and his personality isnt all that much coz like when we do have a conversation, which isnt that often, we argue about anything and i bring HIS crush up and we fight and he swears and every time i feel really happy once we’ve spoken even though the context of it wasnt that great… He looks like a god to me, but to other people, he’s an ugly effer… Nevr mind….. But ive loved him since the very day i laid my eys on him, but he only realised when one of his friends realised my love life and planned mine and my crushes wedding…. It was probably lik the best feeling evr, i was over the moon… And at that period, he always went red when i was around him and gave me nervous glances and then put his head down… But then when my friend interfered and asked him if he likes me, he said no…. So, i was at crossroads whether he meant it or he said it just coz he was scared of rejection and scared that i would say no, (coz i already had to the billion people who came up to me in school and asked me when i was gettin married – obvs i had to get defensive!) or he said no coz he genuinley really positively didnt like me back (which i knew for a fact that wasnt the fact).. Ya see, yesterday i was in his face like literally two centermetres away and we both gazed into each others eyes and he went red, and i probably did as well, so i just smiled nervously… And the other days, sparks started to reignite and that and i dont know what to do, i want to ask him out but i dont wanna be too desperate, and i wanna tell one of my friends but i’m too embarrassed coz he be’s a total prick to everyone! And also i’m scared of rejection, but i love him too much to see him go off with another girl…. I’ve loved him for three yrs straight!!!!! So, any advice??? Plz help me, much apppreciated…xx

    Posted by #GirlFallenInLove!!!xxxxxxxxxx | April 5, 2014, 6:02 am
  2. Am in love with this guy. In fact I’ve been in love with him for almost a year now. We are really good friends but he is a quite non-chalant person that hardly takes anything except rap seriously. A friend of ours noticed my feelings for him and spoke to him about it without my consent. Anyway,he told her that all he has for me is platonic friendship and yet he behaves like he is scared to ask me out.he says sweet words,confesses to liking me and is really caring. He is an introvert so I don’t know if my friend’s butting in has helped or complicated matters. I really need advice on what to do

    Posted by suzanne | November 8, 2014, 6:40 am
  3. well i like this 8th grader and >.< at first he said i was ugly and fat and that he would never date me because i was bigger than him… which is funny cuz im not even that big but people only pick on me but theres worse but anyways… we started talking a little and one day he sat by me at lunch cuz im a 7th grader and i only have 8th grade lunch on b days. And we saw each other a lot around school… and yea we never really said much to each other. except in y letters i told people to give him… lol i gave him a lot of letters. But now he likes me, but the thing is he still has a girl friend… and people keep on judging me for liking him…. -.- butt faces. BUT I CANT BELIVE HE LIKES ME. But one day i was riding his bus because i was going to my friends house and yea i told him that i didnt like him anymore so that it wouldnt be akqward and the thing is he dosent know i like him cause my friend wasnt suppose to tell me!! but she said that she asked him how he felt about me and he was like i was a good friend but then she knew he was lieing and she told him to tell the truth and he said that he liked me and that he was going to ask me out on my birthday in a love letter and then ask me in person…. < that was suppose to be a surprise .. and today i was with my friend at her locker and i was like bruuhhhh what if jackson comes out… THEN JACKSON COMES OUT AND THEN WE POSE WHEN HE WALKS BY lol and he smiles at me like he never smiles before like he dosent even smile like that when he talks about his girl friend.. awe im so special!!!! but but my birthday is in January …. and i want to ask him out but girls arent suppose to!! idk what to do and i dont even know if i should say yes because i feel bad for the girl friend hes dating now because we all go to teen night and what if she sees me there one night and im with jackson!! i would be so sad….. cause she did like him. help idk if i should say yes

    Posted by janielle | November 20, 2014, 9:30 pm

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