Kevin Hart Ain’t No LAB! – “Let Me Explain” Review

20130705_232947Kevin Hart is the funniest male comedian out right now. He will definitely go down in history alongside Chris Tucker, Chris Rock, Steve Harvey, Cedric the Entertainer, Katt Williams, and a host of others.

I, along with my friends (shout out to The Crew!), had the opportunity to watch his latest film, Let Me Explain, at Regal Atlantic Station.


Okay, so needless to say it was hilarious. I won’t give too much away, but I will say that Kevin Hart is creative with story telling. He claims that most of the stories he tells happened for real. But here’s my thing: with most stand-up comedians, they tell stories about their friends, family and life events and say that it’s all true, then later it comes out that it’s not OR the story did happen, but it was exagerrated for entertainment purposes (if that makes sense.) Whatever the case is with Kevin Hart’s routine, it was good. He was engaging, he was never dull and this dude had fire–literally. He did have his serious moments where he opened up, especially when it came to his marriage, but those moments didn’t change the overall atmosphere of his performance.

kevin hartWould I recommend this movie? Heck yeah! I give this movie five stars. You will not be disappointed. His jokes are on point and it is easy to follow his routine. By the end of the movie, my abs were through. I wasn’t ready!

Oh! And I learned a new word: LAB. (LOL!)

Before I close out this review, I just want to say that at the very end, it was very apparent that Kevin Hart’s career means a lot to him. He came off as very humble about his worldwide success, and I can appreciate that about him.

Let Me Explain debuted on July 3, 2013.



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