Beware the BAD Hair! Bobbi Boss’s “Espirit” Human Hair Review

Me with my Espirit hair.
Me with my Espirit hair.

I don’t relax my hair anymore. I haven’t had a relaxer in over a year. My natural hair has grown a lot and it is pretty healthy. My only problem is, I don’t know what to do with it. I would wear it out, but I don’t want it to tangle and break off. I don’t want to straighten it either because too much heat will give me split ends. So, like other women of color who are either transitioning from relaxed to natural hair or who just don’t feel like doing their hair everyday, I wear protective styles. My favorite is the infamous sew-in.

20130703_105631So about two weeks ago, it was time for me to redo my hair. This time around, I was on a tight budget, but I needed some hair for a particular style I wanted, and I needed it instantly. I was going to be attending several events toward the end of June and I needed a style that was elegant, classic, yet versatile enough to match all of my outfits whether casual, corporate casual or cosmopolitan. I decided to go with long, waist-length hair with a part in the middle. I told the attendant at the beauty supply store what my needs were and he-yes he-referred me to Bobbi Boss’s “Espirit”. He also told me that the hair was on sale: buy one, get one free. I got 18 inches and I spend a little over $100 for both packs. The hair felt nice on the mannequin, and the attendant swore up and down that it was a good brand of human hair, so I couldn’t wait to try it out.


Hair straight out of the pack!
Hair straight out of the pack!

Okay. As soon as I took the hair out of the pack, I touched it and it just felt…unreal. And it looked really shiny, almost like it was synthetic. Not only that, but the strands were sticking together. My first thought was “What in the world?!”, and I looked up the company. Not only did I find a string of bad reviews, but according to one customer, the company (overly) processes the hair to make it look a certain way then turns around and calls it “virgin”, and there have been many cases where they sent people bad batches of hair. My stomach did several round-off back-hand springs. I was heated! But I prayed and put the hair in anyway. (It’s not like I could return it; the store I got the hair from had a “no returns or exchanges” policy.)

Once I put the hair in, it didn’t really look that bad. I washed the hair and some greasy, black stuff came off of it, then after I blow dried the hair, the texture felt more natural. I straightened my leave out, and it blended with the hair perfectly. I figured, maybe the hair wasn’t so bad after all. The next day, my older cousin cut layered bangs for me and curled them. The curls lasted all day and didn’t fall period, even though it was humid outside.

Later on in the week, I noticed that the hair strands were still sticking together and the hair was tangling. It still had its soft texture, but it just kept tangling for whatever reason. I had to brush it every fifteen minutes just to keep it from looking matted.

Unfortunately, this hair sheds A LOT. I would have clumps of hair stuck in my brush after I finished brushing it. Not to mention, whenever I ran my fingers through the hair, if my hand didn’t get stuck, I would find strands wrapped around my fingers. That has never happened to me before with any other┬ábrand of hair. I mean, come on. I know that all hair sheds and can tangle from time to time, but this was ridiculous.

Candid shot of me at Fashion Bazaar II!
Candid shot of me at Fashion Bazaar II!

By the end of the first week, the extensions had gone from thick and luscious to thin and wispy. I was afraid to brush it anymore for fear that my braids would start showing. I couldn’t take it out right then because I was due for a major event and I didn’t have time to pick up more hair. All I could do was pray to God that I didn’t end up looking a hot mess.

Thankfully, the event was a success and my publicist didn’t give me any strange looks or keep me from taking pictures, so that meant I was good to go. Yet and still, my hair tangled and it took everything in me not to touch it. The last thing I needed to do was leave hair everywhere.

During the second week, I tried braiding it up and wearing it crinkled until I got a chance to buy more hair. The crinkles didn’t even last an hour before the hair returned to it’s “natural” straight state. (SMH.) By the end of the second week (last weekend), I was fed up. I picked up my normal brand of hair on Tuesday and had it done early Wednesday morning, just in time for Independence Day.

Bobbi Boss’s “Espirit” is a COMPLETE waste of money. Heed my warning: DO NOT WASTE YOUR TIME, ENERGY AND HARD-EARNED CASH DEALING WITH THIS. I wouldn’t pick up this hair again even if the CEO was in my city giving it out for free! It’s overly processed, it tangles for no reason, it sheds like nobody’s business and it’s hard to manage. You are better off purchasing a human-synthetic blend; at least the hair will last longer.

I, for one, am sticking with what I know. The next time my budget is tight and I need quality human hair quick, fast and in a hurry, I’m rocking with Black Diamond by Bohyme or Onyx (which is affiliated with Black Diamond by Bohyme). The only reason I couldn’t get one of those brands in the first place was because both were sold out at the beauty supply store I went to. Next time, I’ll just go to a different store. (Lesson learned!)

*Don’t take my word for it. Check out these other reviews:

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2 thoughts on “Beware the BAD Hair! Bobbi Boss’s “Espirit” Human Hair Review

  1. I wish I found this review before I purchased this damn hair I am so upset that I wasted my money on this junk everything that you said this hair did to you it did to me and I tried to give it the benefit of the doubt but Hell Naw this was a mess was the worst I’ve bought several brands of remi hair and this was not couldn’t be real remi hair I already didn’t like bobbi boss brands because they always disappoint me now I hate they ass I hope they pull this off the shelf or LADIES PLEASE nobody is hating on this hair it really is a waist you better of buying some $20 hair.

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