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All Hail the Vixen Sew In!!

All Hail the Vixen Sew In!!

Goodness, weaves are evolving at a very alarming rate.  Just when buying our weave in bundles started to feel normal, the ever elusive “Vixen Sew In” hit the scene.  All over social media were photos of women with what I was sure was weave, but it was styled in…

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People keep asking for my thoughts about Michael Brown, then get mad when I don't respond. The truth of the matter is that I'd rather not talk about it because it reminds me of what happened to a close acquaintance, my classmate, Jayvis Benjamin. I met him during our Senior year at Towers High after he started talking to one of my besties. I used to think they were perfect for each other, and whenever I saw them together, I had to turn my head to keep from grinning or cover my mouth to keep from saying "Awww!!" (because I knew my bestie would've given me The Look. lol) He had a warm spirit and he was always friendly to me. I'll never forget his smile; he always smiled when he saw my friend.

In January of last year, Jayvis was shot and killed by a police officer--for no reason. He was unarmed and the officer who shot him lied and created a story that made Jayvis out to be some sort of criminal which was FAR from his character. The police department proceeded to cover up what actually happened and the officer was not charged.

Jayvis's story didn't make it to CNN or spread across social media like wildfire. I don't even think his story made it to Channel 2 or Fox 5. No one marched for him. No one protested for him. His killer is still free and his family still hasn't received justice for him. 
What happened to Michael Brown really hits close to home in that respect and I hope his family gets justice. I want justice for Jayvis, too. I want justice for all of the Black men who were murdered by the very people who are supposed to serve and protect them. Life is a precious thing and to have it stolen for no reason... How do these officers sleep at night?

#RIPJayvis 💯 Sending a HUGE, extra-special #SHOUTOUT and #HAPPYBIRTHDAY to one of my oldest and closest friends, @carsia_node!!!! Goodness, do we have some stories to tell our grandkids, or what? 😂😂 From Phil's class to that Prom fiasco, to #onlyattowers, to Club Applebee's, to everything else that has happened, I look back on our friendship and can't help but laugh at all of the memories. Even now, we still have fun times together (when we're not busy), and I appreciate having a friend who I can be goofy with. You always help me count down to my birthday, and I'm surprised you didn't lose track of THAT countdown. (Haha!!) I've never met someone who is as candid as you, someone who is as generous as you, someone who is as thoughtful as you, or someone who is as sincere as you. You are an amazing friend, not to just me, but to everyone in your circle. Life would be nothing without you. All in all, I hope you enjoy your 21st birthday. Have fun, and I know it'll be one for the books! Sincerely, Rae.

P.S. So about this ferris wheel... (Kidding. lol) Somebody needs this... 💯💯 @gbabydollz saved me time and time again. 😂😂😂😂😂 Good night. 😘 😂😂😂😂😂

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