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Ballers, and the Women Who Love Them

Ballers, and the Women Who Love Them

I don’t think I’ll ever understand why boys like to call women “gold diggers” for wanting financial security in a relationship. There’s nothing wrong with wanting a Baller, and there’s no reason why anyone shouldn’t want to be a Baller. Ballers are men who have an abundance of wealth and power. They may or may not have much disposable income, but … Continue reading

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Are you registered to vote? Come by Greenbriar Mall to register, or re-register if you've changed your address. Keep in mind that voting isn't just for the Presidential election. By being a registered voter, you get to vote in local elections as well. *Local elections are just as important as the Presidential election.* Also, the primary and nonpartisan election is on May 20, 2014. (Save the date!) Visit www.sos.ga.gov/mvp for more info. #EasternStarsVote #DoYou?

P.S. We're in the food court! I made my first beat today! #music #studio #DJRaeRae 😂😂😂 😂😂😂😂😂😂 #PalindromeWeek lol It's #FATALFriday!! *fan girl scream* Can't wait to see my Stars!! #OES #PHA #EasternStar #Ruth102 I am Second Runner-Up to Miss Georgia United States! This was the most fun and sisterly pageant I've ever competed in (so far), and everyone did such a wonderful job. I'm glad that I had the opportunity to compete with these women, and I'm looking forward to continuing my reign as Miss Atlanta in the Miss United States pageant system. Speaking of YLP... #TBT ♡

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